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 Principal Officers

Jody Waddell

Jody Waddell is the Vice President of Turnkey Technical Services and also heads up TTS’ business development department. Mr. Waddell is from Knoxville Tennessee and has brought several new contracts to TTS.
E-mail: jwaddell@ttsllc.org
Phone: (865)425-0671

Scot Green

Scot Green is the CFO of Turnkey. Scot is from Oliver Springs, TN where he manages and owns Oak Ridge Fabricators. Scot is a successful business man who provides his expertise to Turnkey concerning financial management and project controls.

Phone: (865) 425-0671

Management Team

Penny Beeler

Director of Human Resources

E-mail: plbeeler@ttsllc.org
Phone: (865) 425-0671

Kristy Seeber

Contract Manager

E-mail: kdseeber@ttsllc.org
Phone: (865) 425-0671