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Waste Management 

Waste Operations/Hazardous Materials Shipping

TTS staff has vast experience in shipping radioactive materials, hazardous materials and hazardous waste to Nevada Test Site, Energy Solutions-Envirocare, Energy Solutions-Oak Ridge, along with multiple locations across the United States. Our qualified staff can review the analytical data associated with your waste, identify disposal options, packaging options, prepare waste profiles, perform DOT/RCRA waste classification, complete shipping papers, coordinate logistics services, and complete all necessary disposal forms to assist in removing the waste materials from your site in a cost effective, compliant and safe manner.

Contact and Remote Handling Transuranic Waste Management and Transportation

TTS staff has conducted extensive waste management and onsite transportation operations of contact and remote handled transuranic waste at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the past ten years. The TTS staff has conducted transportation and packaging of hundreds of RH and CH-TRU waste containers onsite under the requirements of 10 CFR Part 830 and authored Transportation Documented Safety Analysis in support of the Transuranic Waste Processing Facility operations. Waste management operations include storage, inspection, packaging and maintenance. TTS has extensive knowledge and experience with Type A and B radioactive material packaging operations in accordance with DOE or NRC certified Type A and Type B Safety Analysis Reports for Packaging.

Warehouse Operations

The TTS warehousing managers have experience in maintaining inventory of all stored items, recently received products, outgoing products, along with other job specific assets. TTS managers are expected to consistently improve dock to final recipient delivery times in all operations. Turnkey warehouse managers are well versed in consolidating and centralizing all stored items/products in attempt to increase stored product turnover rates in return, lowering warehousing costs. Our warehousing managers are comfortable with most inventory tracking/tagging systems in regards to storage and transportation of products.

Transportation Specialist



Motor Carrier Compliance Review

  • Motor Carrier Compliance Review

Assist in preparing for next DOT Compliance Review

  • Assessment will include review of driver qualification files, drug and alcohol policies/procedures/processes, drivers’ hours of service, and vehicle maintenance

Security Plan Review

  • Assessment will include a review of the risk assessment measures taken to address risks and security plan components.

Accident Review / Investigation

  • Assist in conducting an accident review including: driver interview, inspection of equipment involved, review of accident log, participate on the accident review board; review the accident log, and act as a subject matter expert during court proceedings.

Authority and Financial Responsibility

  • Turnkey will assist in obtaining your Operating Authority, MCS-90 Review, and establishing policies and procedures.

Hazardous Materials Compliance Review

  • Assessment will include review of permits, policies/procedures, shipping papers, packaging, blocking/bracing/segregation, placarding, marking, labeling, and routing.

Management and Employee Training

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing—Driver Awareness Training
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing—Supervisory Training
  • Hours of Service /Logs
  • DVIRs, Pre and Post trip inspection requirements
  • Load securement