Logistics Management

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Turnkey Technical Services (TTS) logistic services allow our clients to modernize their logistics activities to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their everyday operations. At TTS, our logistics professionals are highly qualified and well versed in all logistics activities from sophisticated routing and transportation of classified materials to simple everyday warehousing operations.

Turnkey Technical Services offers a wide variety of services which includes Transportation Specialists, Packaging Specialists, Warehouse Management, Asset Tracking Solutions, Award winning RFID Technology, along with numerous other logistics products and services.

TTS believes, with the advancing of new and improved logistics technology solutions, it is key to have award winning, innovative project solutions at the same time, providing consistent results across your supply chain.


TTS provides logistics services involving shipping, receiving, storage operations, and distribution. This includes scheduling operations, monitoring inbound/outbound shipments, insuring correct freight rates, and assuring that all necessary resources are available to meet the business demands and perform maintenance of the equipment. TTS is experienced in developing and managing yearly transportation budget, and creating weekly, monthly and yearly transportation reports. TTS can write, implement and maintain the required policies to assure all hazardous material regulatory standards for federal, state, and local laws and regulations are met.

Turnkey has performed many logistics management functions for the U.S. Department of Energy and their contractors. These services have included:

  • Specialized Moves/High Value Commodities
  • Negotiating Carrier Rates Utilizing Government Tenders
  • Freight Bill Auditing
  • Transport Mode Analysis (rail vs. highway vs. water)
  • Route/Mode Optimization Planning
  • Transportation Plans Preparation
  • Freight Cost Benchmarking