Turnkey Transportation strives to be a value-added radio frequency identification (RFID) provider that does more than just offer basic systems and products to become the best in class to our clients. Consequently, the company aims to be a single source provider of RFID hardware components, including interrogators and tags, RFID software, fully integrated RFID solutions, RFID training, and other services.

TTS provides highly specialized expertise and operational experience in the use of RFID technology. Most notable is the multiple awards winning Radio Frequency Identification Transportation System (RFITS) supporting DOE EM Oak Ridge Operations D&D waste shipments at the ETTP, ORNL and Y-12 sites. TTS deploys new COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) systems and custom applications that are tightly integrated with the customers’ business processes and systems. TTS evaluates and recommends available RFID products to support customer specific use cases and provides a comprehensive offering of supporting professional services.