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Turnkey Technical Services (TTS) is a hazardous waste operations and transportation logistics integrator with strong core values and strategic information technology (IT) solutions. These strategic IT initiatives leverage sustainable investments in technology which have direct impacts on operational business efficiencies and reduce environmental liabilities. TTS assembles the key resources, capabilities, and technology of its own organization and other organizations to design build and run comprehensive business solutions.

TTS excels in customer collaboration and responding to change, utilizing highly motivated individuals to deliver innovative working software and other technical solutions which directly support our customer’s primary mission. We understand that providing sound input and recommendations concerning infrastructure changes, implementation of new technologies, crucial staffing decisions and business systems consolidation are critical to the success of the modern business.

As a result of our history and growth TTS currently offers a very strong unique matrix of strategic IT solutions, logistics capabilities and hazardous materials subject matter expertise. These qualities distinguish TTS as a value added partner for our customers and through our service and integrity we strive to build long-term client relationships.


TTS manages the design of software tools, business applications, and subsystems. TTS analyzes functional business systems and processes and interprets software requirements and design specifications requirements to code, integrate, and test software components. TTS develops logic flow charts, translates detailed design into software, tests and refines the software, prepares required documentation, and provides technical direction to ensure all objectives and deadlines are met.


TTS provides highly technical expertise in the use of database management systems (DBMS) and evaluates and recommends available DBMS products to support validated user requirements. TTS provides design, implementation, maintenance, and repair of an organization’s DBMS. TTS defines database structures, organization, indexing methods, security procedures for specific applications and implements measures to safeguard the database. TTS monitors database and application performance and capacity, preforms database tuning, and planning for future expansion requirements.


TTS is well-versed in risk management, enterprise architecture (EA) planning, and experienced with integrating security into the software development life cycle (SDLC). TTS ensures the proper policies and security controls are in place to maintain data confidentiality, support continuity of operations, and provide appropriate incident response capability. TTS’s Information Technology Security program complies with all local, state, federal and international laws and regulations (where applicable).


TTS executes the planning, writing, delivery and archiving for a wide range of technical documents. These can include audit responses, gap analysis, security plans, an application’s graphical user interface (GUI), system requirements, user manuals or any other documentation supporting complex systems and business procedures. TTS ensures all documentation is clear, grammatically correct and consistently presented all media (application GUI, print, and other electronic formats).


TTS provides full network and telecommunications/VoIP services and ensures networks are configured correctly to provide reliable service. TTS evaluates and recommends products and methods to improve existing network performance, reliability, and security. TTS ensures that your network has the set of controls required for automated, inter-connected information resources and is in compliance with federal standards (NIST, FISMA, etc…).


TTS provides the project management professionals required to assemble the key resources and successfully execute your project. PMPs adhere to industry best practices and have extensive project management skills and experience. TTS excels in customer collaboration and responding to change. Our experience in project planning, scheduling, tasking, monitoring and reporting will ensure that your projects come in on time, on budget, in scope, and with minimal risk impact.

Waste Management

Waste Operations/Hazardous Materials Shipping

TTS staff has vast experience in shipping radioactive materials, hazardous materials and hazardous waste to Nevada Test Site, Energy Solutions-Envirocare, Energy Solutions-Oak Ridge, along with multiple locations across the United States. Our qualified staff can review the analytical data associated with your waste, identify disposal options, packaging options, prepare waste profiles, perform DOT/RCRA waste classification, complete shipping papers, coordinate logistics services, and complete all necessary disposal forms to assist in removing the waste materials from your site in a cost effective, compliant and safe manner.

Contact and Remote Handling Transuranic Waste Management and Transportation

TTS staff has conducted extensive waste management and onsite transportation operations of contact and remote handled transuranic waste at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the past ten years. The TTS staff has conducted transportation and packaging of hundreds of RH and CH-TRU waste containers onsite under the requirements of 10 CFR Part 830 and authored Transportation Documented Safety Analysis in support of the Transuranic Waste Processing Facility operations. Waste management operations include storage, inspection, packaging and maintenance. TTS has extensive knowledge and experience with Type A and B radioactive material packaging operations in accordance with DOE or NRC certified Type A and Type B Safety Analysis Reports for Packaging.

Warehouse Operations

The TTS warehousing managers have experience in maintaining inventory of all stored items, recently received products, outgoing products, along with other job specific assets. TTS managers are expected to consistently improve dock to final recipient delivery times in all operations. Turnkey warehouse managers are well versed in consolidating and centralizing all stored items/products in attempt to increase stored product turnover rates in return, lowering warehousing costs. Our warehousing managers are comfortable with most inventory tracking/tagging systems in regards to storage and transportation of products.

Transportation Specialist



Motor Carrier Compliance Review

  • Motor Carrier Compliance Review

Assist in preparing for next DOT Compliance Review

  • Assessment will include review of driver qualification files, drug and alcohol policies/procedures/processes, drivers’ hours of service, and vehicle maintenance

Security Plan Review

  • Assessment will include a review of the risk assessment measures taken to address risks and security plan components.

Accident Review / Investigation

  • Assist in conducting an accident review including: driver interview, inspection of equipment involved, review of accident log, participate on the accident review board; review the accident log, and act as a subject matter expert during court proceedings.

Authority and Financial Responsibility

  • Turnkey will assist in obtaining your Operating Authority, MCS-90 Review, and establishing policies and procedures.

Hazardous Materials Compliance Review

  • Assessment will include review of permits, policies/procedures, shipping papers, packaging, blocking/bracing/segregation, placarding, marking, labeling, and routing.

Management and Employee Training

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing—Driver Awareness Training
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing—Supervisory Training
  • Hours of Service /Logs
  • DVIRs, Pre and Post trip inspection requirements
  • Load securement

Turnkey Technical Services (TTS) logistic services allow our clients to modernize their logistics activities to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their everyday operations. At TTS, our logistics professionals are highly qualified and well versed in all logistics activities from sophisticated routing and transportation of classified materials to simple everyday warehousing operations.

Turnkey Technical Services offers a wide variety of services which includes Transportation Specialists, Packaging Specialists, Warehouse Management, Asset Tracking Solutions, Award winning RFID Technology, along with numerous other logistics products and services.

TTS believes, with the advancing of new and improved logistics technology solutions, it is key to have award winning, innovative project solutions at the same time, providing consistent results across your supply chain.


TTS provides logistics services involving shipping, receiving, storage operations, and distribution. This includes scheduling operations, monitoring inbound/outbound shipments, insuring correct freight rates, and assuring that all necessary resources are available to meet the business demands and perform maintenance of the equipment. TTS is experienced in developing and managing yearly transportation budget, and creating weekly, monthly and yearly transportation reports. TTS can write, implement and maintain the required policies to assure all hazardous material regulatory standards for federal, state, and local laws and regulations are met.

Turnkey has performed many logistics management functions for the U.S. Department of Energy and their contractors. These services have included:

  • Specialized Moves/High Value Commodities
  • Negotiating Carrier Rates Utilizing Government Tenders
  • Freight Bill Auditing
  • Transport Mode Analysis (rail vs. highway vs. water)
  • Route/Mode Optimization Planning
  • Transportation Plans Preparation
  • Freight Cost Benchmarking

All TTS programs and departments actively pursue continuous improvement, and the addition of Integrated Safety Management concepts further strengthens this institutional culture.TTS has accepted the ISM concept by contract under DOE Acquisition Regulations (DEAR) Clause 970.5204-2 and DOE Policy 450.4, Safety Management System Policy.

TTS has adopted DOE’s guiding principles and core functions of ISM on a corporate level and in all the individual program/development plans. These flexible guidelines are tailored to the nature of the work and the severity o the hazards and environmental risks encountered in individual situations. TTS line managers incorporate ISM into management and work practices at all levels to ensure that safety is an integral part of day-to-day activities, and is not the sole responsibility of ES&H professionals.

These principals and functions form the basis of TTS’s culture and have been incorporated into the TTS Quality Assurance Plan.

Safety Advocacy Services

Transportation Safety

Our Transportation Safety advocates can put your mind at ease knowing that ALL your safety needs will be met. We provides several services to meet your specific needs:

  • Motor Carrier Compliance Review: We will assist in preparing for your next DOT Compliance Review, and perform assessments including  review of driver qualification files, drug and alcohol policies/procedures/processes, drivers’ hours of service, and detailed vehicle maintenance.
  • Security Plan Review: Our assessment will include a review of the risk assessment measures taken to address risks and security plan components.
  • Accident Review/Investigation: We assist in conducting an accident review addressing driver interview, inspection of equipment involved, review of accident log, participation on the accident review board, and act as a subject matter expert during court proceedings.
  • Authority & Financial Responsibility: Turnkey will assist in obtaining your Operating Authority, MCS-90 review, and establishment of policies and procedures.
  • Hazardous Materials Compliance Review: This assessment will include review of permits, policies/procedures, shipping papers, packaging, blocking/bracing/segregation, placarding, marking, labeling, and routing.
  • Management & Employee Training:
    • Alcohol and drug testing – driver awareness training
    • Reasonable suspicion testing – supervisory training
    • Hours of service/logs
    • DVIRs, Pre- and Post-trip inspection requirements
    • Load securement