Principal Officers

Molly Hubbard
Molly HubbardOwner
Phone: (865) 425-0671

Molly Hubbard takes a vision and makes it reality through intentional strategy development. She intuitively sees the potential of opportunity within an organization, empowers her team to expand their thinking, and drives material business advantage.   She is an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time is grounded in the human connection that drives the business.  Respected as a credible voice in decision making, identifying strategic teaming partners, and maintaining cohesive boundaries, Molly earns a seat at the table wherever she serves. Currently, as the President and majority stockholder of Turnkey Technical Services, LLC, Molly oversees the operations of this multi divisional organization.   

Earlier in life, Molly and her husband Orville, raised a family and were the owners and operators of Hubbard Grocery in their home town of Scalf, KY.  Driven to fill a void and offer a convenience, the Hubbards lobbied for the US Post Office to open a facility next door to their store. They were successful in their efforts and Molly became the Assistant Postmaster while she continued managing the grocery store’s operations.  When an opportunity locally hauling coal presented itself, that same drive is what manifested the family’s next venture, Hubbard & Sons Trucking. The company expanded to include tractors and trailers to accommodate demand and Hubbard Trucking Inc., was established.  As the co-owner of Hubbard Trucking Inc, Molly managed all areas of operations the small business owner is tasked with, including Accounting, Human Resources, Recruiting, and Compliance.   In addition, she led business development and secured an opportunity with the Department of Energy to become a commercial motor freight carrier certified by the DOE MCEP Program.  Obtaining this prestigious certification, achieved only by a very limited amount of motor carriers, allowed Molly to capitalize on the opportunity, rebrand her family’s general freight transportation operation, and expand to over 50 trucks and as many employees.  Hubbard Trucking Inc. is now a preferred DOE vendor who specializes in the secure transport of hazardous waste and classified materials to various DOE sights across the nation.

Operating small businesses and applying lessons learned in success and failure, a confidence in decision making, and forward thinking strategies are the foundation for what Molly Hubbard has built, reorganized, and grown. Turnkey Technical Services, under Molly’s leadership, is a relevant and respected organization in both the government and private sectors and is ever evolving to fit the demands of this competitive industry.

Joe Hubbard
Joe HubbardCOO
Phone: (865) 425-0671

Joe Hubbard began managing transportation services for DOE Prime and Sub Prime contractors back in June 2001. What originally began as a 16-week assignment to provide dirt, topsoil, and transportation services for the SWSA 4 Cap in Oak Ridge, Tennessee soon developed into an even more substantial endeavor in which his services were extended through 2005. It was during that time that he was tasked with the removal of more than 4,000 loads of waste from various sites within the ORR for disposal at the EMWMF, as well as supplying over 400,000 yards of clean dirt and topsoil.

Joe has had a consistent presence at the ORR and other DOE entities managing various contracts entailing all facets of Hazardous Material Removal Transport, dirt and earthwork, and site preparation. Throughout his 20 years of oversight and execution, Joe has implemented and designed proven industry standard procedures, heavy-duty equipment, and top-of-the-line facilities that are still in demand/operation today.

Most recently, Joe spearheaded Turnkey’s transition to replace a 6-year incumbent as the sub prime contractor for the UCOR Transportation Hub. Not only was this transition completed 15 days ahead of the 60-day deadline, an additional 13 power units were added after the award, then procured, staffed, and online the first day under his direction of the project.

By providing a gamut of valuable services for such a diverse customer base in both the private and government sectors, managing countless classified and non-classified HAZMAT shipments and overseeing a fleet of more than 50 long haul transport units has resulted in Joe’s vast knowledge and expertise that often serves as inspiration for his peers in the industry. It’s that same experience that has been essential to Turnkey’s success in mitigating risk and performing operations at the highest level of safety, security, and efficiency.

Jody Waddell
Jody WaddellVice President
Phone: (865) 425-0671

In his role as Vice President, Jody Waddell assists the President in operations management and employee relations throughout the company. He leads business development and recruiting efforts for Turnkey’s Professional Services Division. He also serves as the Employee/Contractor Liaison for a multi-million dollar staff augmentation BOA Oak Ridge, Tennessee. A native of Knoxville, Jody earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tennessee Wesleyan University and brings over 12 years of experience in DOE subcontracting. He has vast experience in recruiting, onboarding of employees, employee retention, capture management and proposal writing. He has been responsible for growth and retention of several staff augmentation contracts throughout his career.

Scot Green
Scot GreenCFO
Phone: (865) 425-0671

Scot Green has more than 25 years of leadership experience in all areas of small business operations. He began under the mentorship of his father who had founded and sold a couple of start-ups in the machine shop industry, opened a brick and mortar auto parts store, but then returned to machining to start a company that could provide a landing spot for his three sons. After his father’s untimely death in 1998, Scot assumed the responsibility of running his family’s business, Oak Ridge Fabricators, Inc. (ORF)

With lessons learned from his father, his own work ethic and a competitive strategic vision, Scot brought this local precision machine shop to the forefront of technology, resulting in a key partnership with USEC in 2007. ORF became a preferred vendor to supply machined parts for the American Centrifuge Project, a DOE-funded R&D project to reduce dependency on foreign-supplied enriched uranium for nuclear power.

ORF was spotlighted in the national trade publication, American Machinist, recognizing its standout success as a small business with the ability to perform on a high level in an area dominated by significantly larger competitors.

Scot brings that same strategic vision to Turnkey as the CFO. Effective development of solutions to business finance challenges, and disciplined financial management skills have been crucial to creating operating budgets. After referencing cost benefit analytics and forecasting fiscal needs, Scot recognized a potential for company growth. Under his recommendation, our Sales Division was added in 2018, with additional administrative and sales team members added in 2019, due to its rapid growth and success.

Cavanaugh Mims
Cavanaugh MimsPresident, Interstate Ventures Inc.
Phone: (865) 425-0671

For the last 34 years, Cavanaugh Mims has established himself as a leader in business and program management. He began his career as a station nuclear engineer for the Tennessee Valley Authority after graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in nuclear engineering. He quickly advanced to senior program/project manager for the Department of Energy, providing expertise in the environmental remediation, waste management, and technology integration fields. In 2000, Mr. Mims founded Visionary Solutions, LLC with the mission to provide transportation and logistics services for Governmental and commercial nuclear clients, both nationally and internationally. The company grew into a family of five companies that provided high quality solutions to a variety of complex technical challenges across an array of services, including transportation and logistics, nuclear material disposition, manufacturing, and waste to energy projects. This included Interstate Ventures, Inc. (IV), where Mr. Mims now serves as President. IV, a turnkey owned company, is a specialty transportation and logistics firm experienced in the planning and transportation of sensitive equipment and materials for the U.S. Government and commercial customers.

Mr. Mims is an avid supporter of higher education and currently serves on the following institutions at the University of Tennessee: Alumni Board of Directors (Past President); College of Engineering Advisory Board, Undergraduate Admissions Advisory Board; and he is a Chancellor’s Associate. His support of numerous Children and Diversity Associations extends nationwide. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Inc. He also currently serves as the Treasurer and Director of the Finance Ministry at Foster Chapel Baptist Church. Mr. Mims and his wife of 29 years, Telicia, have 2 children, Cavanaugh II and TyKeara.

Dave Irvin
Dave IrvinSenior Project Manager
Phone: (865) 425-0671

Dave Irvin began his career in the United States Navy Nuclear Submarine Force with an emphasis on repair and refit activities. Following his service, Mr.Irvin transitioned into the commercial radioactive waste disposal and transportation business, where he remains to this day. He has provided and served in senior leadership positions throughout the Department of Energy’s complex Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) disposal facilities. In that time, Mr. Irvin has also utilized commercial, low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities.

With more than 39 years of nuclear operations, occupational safety, transportation and radioactive waste management experience, Mr. Irvin offers a wealth of knowledge in providing senior leadership and oversight for the company’s conduct of operations, transportation, and occupational safety programs.

Management Team

Penny Beeler
Penny BeelerDirector of Human Resources
Phone: (865) 425-0671

As Director of HR, Penny Beeler brings more than twenty years in office management and thirteen years in human resources disciplines, having earned her PHR (Professional in Human Resource HRCI) certification. Well versed in federal and state regulations on employee/employer relations, her role is to administer and evaluate compensation and benefit programs that support the company’s strategic goals, objectives and values. She helps provide the best possible working environment for employees within the organization, advocating a team atmosphere. A member of ORHRA, Oak Ridge Human Resource Association, TVHRA, Tennessee Valley Human Resource Association and SHRM, Society of Human Resource Management, Penny is also experienced as a Drug and Alcohol Program Facilitator.

Kristy Seeber
Kristy SeeberContract Manager
Phone: (865) 425-0671

Contract Manager, Kristy Seeber has been with Turnkey since September of 2009. She earned her certificate in Contract Management from Villanova University in 2009. Kristy has earned several industry compliance training certifications, and is also the company’s Transportation and Safety Compliance Officer, Regulatory Oversight and DOT Compliance Officer.