Current Projects:

The Turnkey Team has provided transportation services throughout
the DOE footprint for over 20 years. The Members and Management of the Turnkey Team have developed and implemented procedures and processes for the disposition of waste generated for on site as well as off site disposal.

The Turnkey Team has extensive experience in providing equipment along with transporting
waste for DOE. The chart below explains the amount of shipments that have been performed by Turnkey over the past 10 years.

Project Shipments Security/DOT Level Project Duration
Fernald Closure 40,000 Level 6 9 Years
UF-6 36,000 Level 6 3 Years
WIPP 3,100 Level 6/Type B 10 Years
Eunice 2,300 Classified 6 Years
Portsmouth D&D 1,100 Classified 1 Year
UCOR WTP 24,800 Clean/Classified 18 Months

Work Description: Turnkey performs all labor and furnishes all materials, vehicles, equipment, facilities, tools, supplies, fuel, permits, registrations, certifications, supervision, transportation and training in support of UCOR’s transportation requirements for the disposal of waste generated on the Oak Ridge Reservation to the EMWMF landfill and clean landfills.  This includes over 60 tri-axle trucks,  6 water trucks, 2 mobile service trucks, 5 personnel transport vehicles. The Tri-axle trucks are custom built and equipped with Turnkey’s proprietary high-lift gate and leak proof gasket design. Additionally, we provide a fleet of tractors and a variety of transport trailers to support UCOR’s off site classified and LLW waste shipments to WCS, Energy Solutions, and NNSS.

Turnkey has a dedicated Project Management Team plus over 60 qualified CDL truck drivers, 4 certified mechanics and a team of operators and laborers. 

Turnkey provides all required routine and non-routine maintenance of power units and trailers for this contract.  All maintenance is performed in compliance with vehicle manufacturer’s published recommendations and equipment manufacturer’s maintenance manuals or Turnkey’s approved written procedures.  

Turnkey provides operation and maintenance of the Haul Road in association with UCOR’s requirements and specifications.  Our Haul Road Manager and Operators ensures that the Haul Road is fully functional and operational without any interruption to waste transport vehicles during scheduled hours of operation.  

Location: Oak Ridge Reservation

Start/Stop: 10/26/2020 To Present

Waste Control Specialists

Work Description: In house carrier for WCS disposal site in Andrews, TX

Location: Andrews, TX and Nationwide

Start/Stop: 10/31/2013 To Present


Work Description: Truck and Drive Services for the UPF Project at Y-12

Location: Y-12 National Security Complex

Start/Stop: 2016 – Present


Work Description: Provide tri-axle dump trucks and maintenance services for the Portsmouth D&D.

Project Location: Piketon, OH

Start/Stop: Aug 2021 – Present


Work Description: Provide equipment, containers, trucks and drivers for waste disposal supporting the D&D of the SM1 Nuclear Reactor.

Location: Ft. Belvoir, VA

Start/Stop: Nov 2021-Present

90 Ton Crane

Work Description: When approached with a difficult request, our team wasted no time finding a solution. A client needed a replacement for an oversized crane, but it needed to be delivered within 60 days. Adam Doughty, Business Development Manager at Turnkey Sales, took the lead on the project and communicated directly with the customer to identify their specific needs.

Once the client approved the crane, Doughty started the process of securing delivery. The new crane needed to be picked up in Baton Rouge, LA and transported to Oak Ridge, TN. Doughty worked with Interstate Ventures, to assist in pick up and transportation. IV specializes in over dimensional freight so they knew exactly what permits to acquire and were able to save the client time and money.

IV successfully transported the 90-ton crane across 3 states, on time and on budget. Overall, the client appreciated the versatility, adaptability and efficient prices in this project.

Location: Oak Ridge, TN

Start/Stop: May 2022