Client Services

What Services Can We Offer Our Clients? 

Turnkey offers exceptional professionals and subject matter expertise in project management, business services, technical support, engineering, design, surveillance and maintenance, waste management, logistics, and hazardous material and waste packaging. For the past six years, Turnkey has provided staff support to ORNL’s Modernization Project Office and Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities Division (NNFD).

Client Services

Turnkey maintains a transportation fleet composed of tractor semi-trailers, trained and qualified drivers, and specialized equipment for transporting hazardous materials, including radioactive, explosive, and non-hazardous substances. Our dedicated team includes Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) drivers, mechanics, shippers, and technical staff committed to the safe and secure transportation of radioactive contaminated waste and materials for storage and disposition. We ensure that our specialty equipment meets exacting criteria and standards, including Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Level VI inspections.

The management team at Turnkey has over 200 years of combined experience in the DOE transportation industry, having worked together for 20 years supporting DOE operations.

Our core business encompasses Waste Transportation Management, providing personnel with expertise in Waste Management (Characterization, Certification, and Packaging), Transportation (Long Haul and Dump Trucks), Logistics, Information Technology Engineering, Design, Nuclear Operations, Project Management, Work Control, and RFID Technology.