90-Ton Crane Transport

90 Ton Crane

Work Description: When approached with a difficult request, our team wasted no time finding a solution. A client needed a replacement for an oversized crane, but it needed to be delivered within 60 days. Adam Doughty, Business Development Manager at Turnkey Sales, took the lead on the project and communicated directly with the customer to identify their specific needs.

Once the client approved the crane, Doughty started the process of securing delivery. The new crane needed to be picked up in Baton Rouge, LA and transported to Oak Ridge, TN. Doughty worked with Interstate Ventures, to assist in pick up and transportation. IV specializes in over dimensional freight so they knew exactly what permits to acquire and were able to save the client time and money.

IV successfully transported the 90-ton crane across 3 states, on time and on budget. Overall, the client appreciated the versatility, adaptability and efficient prices in this project.

Location: Oak Ridge, TN

Start/Stop: May 2022